Bespoke software development

We will offer customized software development, for businesses, offering development resources, creating bespoke software products that are owned by the customer. We will bill for the total cost of developing and hand over source code upon completion of the development. Our offerings would include mobile applications, cloud platforms, IoT device implementation and web-based software applications running on multiple operating systems. Our focus is on providing solutions that are relevant and simple to use.

Blockchain as a Service


This includes all blockchain-related development for end clients,this includes:

  • Setting up private and permission blockchain environments
  • Integrating cryptocurrency wallet software, PSP’s or Node set up
  • Smart contract development and auditing

Business app

  • The average smartphone user spends 30% of his total salary via his smartphone.
  • 40% of all eCommerce purchases made over the holidays 2018 were done over a smartphone.
  • 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations.


  • Embrace the technology. Our consultative approach will greatly assist in identifying the correct tools needed.
  • Our entry-level product “digitization” converts your existing website into a smartphone app.
  • Once existing and potential customers have installed your APP, you will be able to send them free push messages, promoting offers, products, and services. Customers will also be able to send inquiries and requests through to you.
  • The APP will effectively retain existing customers and also capture new customers through its convenience factor.

What good is that if nobody accesses the website. It’s just a glorified brochure, and how many of your customers know your web site address (URL) 

Sure. But it also showcases your competitor’s websites too, so it’s a dual-edged sword, Isn’t it?

The web site address is still an issue though. How can I view your site if I don’t know the address?

True. Our solution is not expensive since we are not reinventing or using extensive coding.

Our offering leverages your existing website and makes that content available in the form of your own mobile app published and available for download from the Apple AppStore and google play store.

We also give you the ability to reach out to the users of your app with free push messaging capability. You are given your won dashboard which you log into and create and send messages.

We offer two costing options to support your budget and allow you to measure the return on investment from the apps. (we’re nice like that  )