The most important phase of software development is understanding requirements (SRS – software requirements specification).

Software development is a costly process so establishing a return on investment is vital to delivering a product that is going to add value to our customer.

We also embrace the power of mobility and the advantages of cloud-based solutions.





At Torus, we apply a different approach to software development. Our consultative approach means that we invest heavily in understanding and establishing our customer’s needs, through an extensive consultation process.

Our Software Requirements specification document created by our team helps us to accurately estimate the type of software needed to overcome the identified weaknesses in the customers’ existing processes.

We then interrogate our software engineer resource pool and appoint the best-suited expertise to the development of the product.

Once engaged by the customer, we then embark on a thorough scoping exercise, unpacking each action and reaction to each function from all user type perspectives.

The Scoping document, which is signed off by both ourselves and our customer, then becomes our blueprint to complete and close a successful development project.