Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

“Since it bought Oculus for $2.1 billion, Facebook has acquired a further 11 AR and VR companies, underscoring the company’s view that AR and VR will form the next frontier. The large investments and acquisitions by tech giants suggest that these technologies will become increasingly integrated with the platforms on which we consume content.

According to a recent estimate by Goldman Sachs, AR and VR are expected to grow into a $95 billion market by 2025. The strongest demand for the technologies currently comes from industries in the creative economy—specifically, gaming, live events, video entertainment and retail—but will find wider applications in industries as diverse as healthcare, education, the military and real estate over time” – Mckinsey


this is an immersive Virtual reality experience. The user is able to view the features of the car from within a virtual reality headset as if though he was sitting in the car. Information on each feature is displayed to the user and can be called up in an information bubble.

This is all the hype right now, interactive AR frames are projected on live images, allowing a fun experience. These frames can be branded and animated with company logos.



Kids colour in images, using crayons and then launch the AR interactive game, which then animates the target image in the colours used. These images can be branded.



Here we give the user an augmented reality experience, where they can view make-up selected from a menu and then projected on their real life image.